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Based in Karlshamn, Sweden

Release date:
September 7, 2017

Windows PC


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USD - $12.99
EUR - €12.99
GBP - £9.99


Please Knock on My Door gives you control over a person suffering from depression and social anxiety. You need to help them get through work, reach out to friends and family, while battling their demons at every step. Experience the frailty these themes bring and gain a better understanding of what it's like to live with some of the most common mental health issues today.


Please Knock on My Door has been in development since Fall 2014 and has gone through several changes since then. What was initially supposed to be a 6 month exploration of the developer's own experiences with depression has now become a deep dive into the challenges depression can force on anyone. The game now features a fully voiced narrator, several choices that affect story progression, multiple endings and a gameplay system which aim to portray the frailty of the main character in every situation they end up in.


  • Your choices will have an impact on the game's outcome, changing the story and dialogue made by the in-game narrator.
  • The combination of depression and social anxiety will offer you insights into two of the most common mental health issues today.
  • A gameplay system which forces you to explore every story-option available to you, while desperately trying to find a way to feel better.


Please Knock on My Door - Release Trailer YouTube


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About Levall Games

Levall Games AB creates products inspired by contemporary issues, aiming to shine a light on challenging topics using the explorative aspects of digital games and interactive experiences.

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Please Knock on My Door Credits

Michael Levall
Main developer; does design, art and programming

Ola Backstrom
Creates music and SFX

Henrik Giang
Game art, promotional assets and trailers

Christofer Levall
Game art, promotional assets

Tim Earle
Voice Actor, Narrator

Ben Potter
Voice Actor, Will

Victoria Christiansdotter
Voice Actor, Amy

Lina Subina
Voice Actor, Jenny

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